Intake Interviews

This is the first step in any assessment or therapy/coaching process. This session will last from 60 to 90 minutes and involves a review of important personal and family history, a discussion about current concerns and their development, and completion of several quick questionnaires about symptoms. At the end of this session recommendations are given regarding the best next step, whether it be assessment, therapy/coaching or a referral for additional outside services, such as tutoring or a medication evaluation. Assessments automatically include an intake interview in the package and pricing.


Dr. Hall offers several types of assessments and assessment packages to best meet your needs. Each assessment consists of a variety of tests. The majority of the tests involve working one-on-one with Dr. Hall. A few tasks may be completed either on the computer or working alone.

An assessment package always consists of an Intake Interview, 1 -5 hours of testing (how many hours of testing depends on the assessment selected) and a feedback session.

ADHD/ADD Specific Basic Testing (package)

This is 1 hour of intake interviewing and 1 hour of testing. Feedback is provided immediately following completion of the testing.

Complex Neuropsychological Evaluation (package)

This evaluation requires 5 hours of testing and is used to diagnosis ADHD/ADD and/or Learning Disabilities such as reading disorders, dyslexia, dysgraphia, processing speed disorders, fluency disorders, math disorders and others. This evaluation includes a full length written report with scores, diagnoses and recommendations. This evaluation is recommended for children and adolescents who have not been diagnosed before, individuals wishing to apply for accommodations at their school or on standardized testing, or adults who desire a very thorough picture of their strengths and weaknesses.

IQ Testing

This requires 2 hours of testing.

Giftedness Testing

Time varies by age and situation.

Additional specific testing can also be administered on a case-by-case basis to supplement prior testing or update scores. These are the types of assessments that Dr. Hall commonly completes. Other assessments for other purposes are available. Please call with questions.


These sessions typically last for 50 minutes. Clients usually meet with Dr. Hall on a weekly basis. Prior to beginning therapy or coaching, an intake interview session is scheduled to explore the exact nature of the difficulties so that treatment can be directed towards those difficulties.

Therapy sessions would focus on problems related to emotional struggles such as feelings of intense sadness or worry, relationship difficulties, grief, guilt or loss. Therapy is also used to treat diagnosed psychological conditions such as depression or anxiety.

ADHD Coaching is best compared to the idea of having a physical trainer. Coaching will be more instructional and focus on teaching you skills and strategies to manage ADHD in your life. You will work collaboratively with Dr. Hall to determine areas of focus.

Clients with diagnosed ADHD often find a combination of therapy and coaching sessions to be helpful.

Presentations & lectures

Dr. Hall has given many presentations to diverse groups on a wide variety of topics. She has presented to groups of educators, parents, other mental and physical health providers, and forums that were open to the public. These presentations included such topics as ADHD, Dyslexia, Time Management, Stress Management, Study Skills, Test Taking Techniques and Conflict Resolution. She has also presented to groups of co-workers on topics such as managing work-place stress, and establishing and maintaining positive co-worker relationships. Please call for more details on topics and pricing.